I get this question quite often.  The general rule of Medicare, is if you are currently going through treatment, about to have surgery, have gone through surgery, recovering from surgery or treatment, it is not recommended for you to change your plan.

The reason behind this, is you have a treatment plan in place typically designed for you by your primary doctor, specialist and case manager.  This plan usually involves authorizations for tests, treatment, medications, and post-surgery follow-up.  Changing insurance plans, may delay the timing for your care.  You also will be faced with finding new doctors who may or may not want to take your case mid treatment.  For them is about responsibility and liability for a patient that they are not familiar with.

The typically recommendation is to wait until your treatment is complete, and your health is stable, or if your plan is ending, or have reached the open enrollment period for your plan.

This information is brought to you by The Medicare Lady, Darlene Swaffar at seniormedicalchoices.com